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7 Questions with Finn Jones

SBJCT JOURNAL – For our latest 7 Questions, we paired indie eco label, Industry of All Nations, with actor Finn Jones. We think they make a pretty organic dynamic duo. IOAN is an industry of the people, dedicated to creating products made from a simple, desirable aesthetic, while developing clean and sustainable industries around the world.  Actor Finn Jones, star of Netflix’s The Iron Fist and The Defenders, and fan of sustainable fashion, showcases some of their greatest sartorial hits forSBJCT. And manages to answer 7 questions for us, gentleman that he is…

SBJCT JOURNAL Who would you most rather be (other than yourself)?

FINN JONES A tropical fish swimming the warm ocean or better yet, a dolphin.  Who wouldn’t want to be a dolphin?

SJ: What would your autobiography be called?

FJ To be continued…

SJ: When and why did you start thinking about eco sustainability in the clothes you wear?

FJ: I’ve been conscious of it for a while, but after watching The True Cost I started to put it into action. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, I highly recommend it – it’s a game changer and explains the whole problem with the fashion industry.

SJ: What accomplishment are you most proud of?  

FJ Being able to see clearly and still find the best in people and circumstances.

SJ: Hidden Talent?

FJ: I’m pretty good at bowling.

SJ: Guilty pleasure? 

FJ: I never feel guilt for pleasure.

SJ: What do you think is underrated?

FJ: The television show High Maintenance. It isn’t necessarily overrated, but it’s weirdly off the radar – great series.

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